Miss Call Alerts

RTinfotech, is a telephony service provider in the cloud, allowing you to create fast lead generation services through the missed call alert, which incorporates several powerful features in it. These services offer a professional approach and establish a customer-centric market by offering its customers the convenience and flexibility to place a call in your number and receive a call back instantly.

It is a user-friendly interface, providing a cost effective solution that allows you to generate leads and no one missed opportunity. All business applications are secured with safety information in a unified database. Try our Miss Call Alerts service for a customer call back, feedback, voting, campaign, support, campaign opinion poll and generate business opportunities.


Features of our missed call alert service

  • Automatic disconnection of calls
  • Automatic answer with multiple choice answer - SMS, voicemail or recall.
  • Details of missed calls through instant SMS or emailn
  • Voice Call Recording
  • Our Miss Call Alerts service helps missed generating leads and business opportunities by offering the best customer service.


Why choose us?

Our mobile messaging platform is able to provide bulk SMS solutions to virtually any mobile phone CDMA / GSM worldwide. Here, we provide services, reliable, affordable and faster messaging, and our platform allows companies and communities to interact with members of immediate and personal way, whatever communication device they have available. We can start sending group messages today with our simple registration and real-time connectivity to our global messaging gateways.