Short Code SMS

Short Code SMS is ​​one more service, principally used for lead invention, to provide info on require, polling / voting shows events and actuality. Control Panel with all functions based on our short code site helps to reach their customers immediately and our friendly user interface solves the complexity of managing short code.

Complete information on the access codes is available on the panel the sender mobile number, message, operator, circle, date and time of the message.


You can manage your reply message for each keyword and sub keywords.

A short code is a number 5 digits virtual numbers provided by network operators, which can send SMS and can be converted into a data format. These are also known as premium number short code. These small numbers are capable of handling no direct answers as they operate on high-bandwidth routes.

Advantages of the short code SMS

  • Easy to remember the number.
  • 24X7 generation tool.
  • The online integration of application.
  • Automatic management pilots Date Wise.
  • Immediate recognition, automatic reply message.


Why choose us?

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